Samsung Stereo System – Mini 230W

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Samsung Stereo System – Mini 230W

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Giga Sound System provides superior performance by delivering sound that is guaranteed to move you. You can also follow along and sing your favorite song with My Karaoke.

  • Number of Channels  2
  • Total Power (W) - Total amount of power a home theater system emits through an external speakers, as measured in watts (w).
  • 230 @Crystal Amp  - Audio technology that filters distracting distortion and interference for optimal sound clarity.
  • CD Ripping  3x/1x
  • Bluetooth®  Yes
  • CD / CD-R / CD-RW  Yes
  • Speaker  2
  • MP3 - Digital audio format. MP3 is the standard compression used for music on portable media players.
  • WMA Windows Media Audio is a digital compression codec by Microsoft. Its properties are similar to MP3.
  • USB - Universal Serial Bus. An interface that allows music, video, or photos to play directly from host devices.
  • Aux Input  RCA (Rear)

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